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Back By Popular Demand: A Gift for Toteboard Readers!

Yes, the Toteboard has been a little quiet lately, but that's only because it is incubating several forthcoming posts on Trump's indictments, the Fall election, and much more. In the interim, the Toteboard would like to apologize for its recent inactivity by bringing back a special thank-you to its loyal readers. To celebrate this blog's fourth anniversary, the Toteboard would like to offer the first 50 respondents a FREE GIFT!

That’s right, you can once again be the proud owner of your very own Herman’s Totebag! This smart, handsome, lightweight carry-on is the ideal accessory for the on-the-go political junkie. Bring home your groceries in a totebag that shows the world where you get your political news and analysis!

Follow this link to get your very own Herman’s Toteboard Totebag. But hurry! We only have 50 totebags, so supplies won’t last long!


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